Come celebrate your birthday party with us! You can reserve our gym for your loved one’s special day. Our birthday parties are partially instructed and partially open gym time for fun and self-directed play.

Base Price: $125 for up to 10 for 90 minutes. (60 minutes of training and 30 minutes for cake and presents, etc.)
Additional Options:
$10 for each kid up to 20.
$50 for each additional half hour of training



Designed to keep your kid as swift as a ninja, driven and focused like a warrior, and exercising control with grace through safe, fluid movement. Certified parkour coaches will guide movers of all levels through varied drills, games, and activities!

More than just cross training for in between seasons, or for curing the No School Boredom Blues, our summer camps teach kids to move in new, exciting ways that will increase their coordination, capacity to transfer power from toe to fingertip, and confidence to explore their environment in novel ways.

Games will have them challenging themselves and each other. More than just Hide-and-Seek – they’ll be building courses with goals in mind, while tasked with providing opportunity for their peers to grow.

Activities will allow them to relax after sweating and snacks. There will be crafts and time for discussing some influential parkour documentaries/videos. Throughout the week, there will be a surprise project that the children will put together themselves – coaches will guide them in the technical aspects, but the kids will take responsibility for their roles to see something completed.


$350 for 5 days, Monday-Friday, 9a-5p

  • Multiple weeks available for 3 different age ranges: 6-9, 9-12, and 12-15 years old
  • Included: gym shirt for tie-dying on Wednesday!
  • Snacks provided during day, plus pizza party on Friday – bring pack lunches for Mon-Thurs
  • Only gear needed are athletic shoes and comfortable clothes
  • Must bring food allergy list, medication, and fill out a waiver
Ages 6-9 Summer Camps

June 12, 2017 – June 16, 2017

July 24, 2017 – July 28, 2017

Ages 9-12 Summer Camps

June 19, 2017 – June 23, 2017

July 31, 2017 – August 4, 2017

Ages 12-15 Summer Camps

June 26, 2017 – June 30, 2017

2nd & 4th Friday Special Events

Replacing our regular 12+ Open Gym on Fridays, we have a regularly scheduled special event every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, 7:30p-10p.

2nd Fridays: Adults Only Night

Carnival – Games with a Parkour Twist

For our first Adults Only Night (18+) on July 14th, we’re going to be running an assortment of games with a splash of parkour training.

There will be 3 stations running simultaneously, and participants will be encouraged to float through them at their whim. Stations will have two different games planned for the evening, each running for about an hour on either side of a half hour Intermission Snack Time. We’ll provide some food and drinks to keep your energy up, but encourage anyone to contribute to the potluck meal if they like.


  • 2nd Fridays of each month, 7:30p-10:30p
  • $15 flat for everybody (including for members – this is not a regular class for which one may use a pass off their membership or punch card)
  • Main snacks and drinks will be provided
  • Bring water, where your training clothes, and something for the potluck if you like

4th Fridays: Parents’ Date Night

We’ll watch the kids so you can have the night to yourselves.

Pizza, games, and parkour – 7:30p-10p every 4th Friday of the month.

Price: $30 per child, but after the first we’ll discount it down to $10 for each additional child within the household family.

We’ll provide pizza, entertainment, games, maybe even watch some parkour videos or documentaries by Julie Angel.


Parkour Horizons has experience running workshops for groups like schools, libraries, and community festivals. We bring all of the equipment we need, including scaffolding, vault boxes, and mats. Our certified coaches will set up obstacles courses and provide instruction to anyone willing to try.

Parkour is an engaging activity that builds strength, agility, and balance… and it’s fun, too! Our parkour workshops are a great addition to larger events or they can be the focus of your organization’s event.

Contact us to learn more or book one of our workshops.