Parkour Horizons regularly hosts special training events. Many of these include instruction from Parkour Generations instructors.

Past Events

Labor Day Weekend 2011

American Rendezvous 2

    American Rendezvous 2 is the largest Parkour Horizons seminar to date, with over 150 practitioners from around the United States and Canada coming to learn from Parkour Generations and the ADD Academy coaches. The first day of training took place in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio and the second and third days were held at Battelle Riverfront Park.

A Parkour Generations Halloween

    Around 50 practitioners from around the state of Ohio joined in the six days of training led by Parkour Generations coaches Chris ‘Blane’ Rowat and Andy Pearson. The first few days of training we held in the OSU Campus District, while the final two days started in downtown Columbus at Battelle Riverfront Park.

Labor Day Weekend with Parkour Generations

    Over 80 practitioners from around the United States and Canada came to Columbus to receive training from Parkour Generations co-directors Stephane Vigroux and Dan Edwardes and Senior Coach Chris Keighley. The instructors led two open training sessions on Friday and Saturday night, in addition to the Ohio Labor Day Jam, on Labor Day.

    In conjunction with these open training sessions, the three instructors ran the first ever American ADAPT certification course and certified 29 practitioners. Among the group were the first Americans certified as a Level 2 lead parkour instructor.

American Rendezvous

Training Weekend with Forrest

    Parkour Generations co-director, Francois “Forrest” Mahop, visited Parkour Horizons over Halloween Weekend 2009 to provide training from Friday to Sunday. Forrest taught two full classes a day over the three days.

One Giant Leap

    The One Giant Leap jam was part of a global intitiative to use parkour to bring attention to global climate change issues during the run-up to the climate change conference held in Copenhagen in 2009. Despite a rainy morning, the jam held by Parkour Horizons was more than 20 strong.

2009 Ohio Labor Day Jam

    Over 60 practitioners came to Columbus for the day to enjoy guided training in the Campus District. Attendees came from all over Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana for the training, led by Parkour Horizons instructors.

Memorial Day Exposition

    Nearly 150 practitioners came from around the United States for this four day event to be trained by a team of five from Parkour Generations: Dan Edwardes, Francois “Forrest” Mahop, Stephane Vigroux, Johann Vigroux and Steve “Kazuma” Rognoni.

    The four days, from Thursday to Sunday of the 2008 Memorial Day Weekend, included a trip to Old Man’s Gorge at Hocking Hill’s State Park, training at Battelle Riverfront Park, the nation’s first all women’s national jam and the nation’s first round-table parkour discussion.