Classes Available
For all ages 3 thru 99



Does your kid want to be a Ninja Warrior, love playing Minecraft, or constantly watch parkour and freerunning videos on YouTube? If so, then these are the classes for you. Our kid classes are a fun and safe way to inspire a love for fitness and movement. We teach our students to be strong, coordinated, safe and respectful with obstacle courses and movement games that your child will love.

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Teen classes offer a great way for teens to try parkour at a time and place just for them. Parkour is a spectacular discipline that brings together elements of sports, philosophy, and martial arts. YouTube videos are full of amazing people vaulting, flipping, and jumping through the urban landscape. While this can be intimidating, parkour is easy to start. Anyone with the determination to train consistently will see incredible results. Our coaches are amongst the most experienced in the world and can help you achieve any goal you have safely and quickly.

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Our adult classes are a great way to build athleticism and health while having fun. We start from the ground up, working on fundamentals such as balance, coordination, and strength. The movements of parkour scale with you as you train so that you’re always doing something new and interesting while getting healthier. Our class level system with our certified coaches provides a roadmap to take you from complete beginner to master mover. All that it takes is a belief in yourself and a willingness to try something new.

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