Gym Update: Bails, Parkour Competition, New Schedule!

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Bail not Fail

DSC00023This week we focused on something that is almost guaranteed to happen at some point in our training…Bails. Sometimes it’s better to approach things head on than try to avoid it all together which lead us to focusing on what to do if things go wrong in our movement. We worked on rolling movements, rotations out of things, foot slips or catches, and even took some time to intentionally fall in different directions out of movements to gain some exposure to what it feels like to actually bail out of a movement in the safest way possible. It’s through these conscious exposures to falling and saving ourselves that we build the proper knowledge and awareness of what to do when things go wrong.

Comin’ Up…

Parkour Competition!

braydenWhile parkour is usually a non-competitive discipline, we recognize that competition is a way to increase togetherness in the community. Therefore, this coming Labor Day weekend (September 3-4) Parkour Horizons will be hosting our very own parkour competition! The competition will feature obstacle course routes, time trials, freestyle matches, prizes, and more! Come on out if you’re interested or ask someone at the front desk for details! Following the competition, we will be holding a parkour jam—training, food, music, and more included! Check out our event page for more details. See you there!

Fall Schedule

Back-to-schoolSummer is quickly coming to an end! With everyone going back to school, Parkour Horizons is trying to accommodate everyone’s changing schedules. We will be moving from our summer schedule to our fall schedule very shortly, which means there may be a change in class and open gym times. Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming schedule and if you have any input on preferred class times, be sure to let us know!

Let’s Party!

birthday-party-placeholderIf you’re looking for somewhere to have a great birthday party, Horizons is the place! Our birthday parties are partially instructed and partially open gym time for fun and self-directed play. $125 for up to 10 for 90 minutes. 60 minutes of training and 30 minutes for cake and presents, etc. $10 for each kid up to 20. $50 for each additional half hour of training. $60 for cake, decorations, and birthday kid t-shirt.

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