Parkour Horizons is one of the first parkour companies in the United States with over 10 years of coaching experience. In 2008 we ran the first international parkour seminars right here in Columbus. In 2010 we hosted the country’s first coaching certification course. And, in 2015 we opened Ohio’s first parkour gym. We instruct classes and workshops, as well as host birthday parties and events, for ages 3 and up. We pride ourselves on providing a fun and safe training atmosphere where everyone is celebrated.

What is

Parkour can be thought of as a movement discipline or sport. In parkour, practitioners train to be able quickly navigate obstacles in their environment without the aid of equipment through movements like vaulting, swinging, and climbing. Much like a martial art or yoga, the goal of training parkour is not only to master a set of skills but also can be to develop oneself more deeply as a person.

You have probably seen parkour even if you’ve not recognized it on tv shows such as American Ninja Warrior — where a lot of the competitors train parkour — or in movie chase scenes with Jackie Chan, or in viral youtube videos where people are leaping across rooftops.