Gym Update: Spinning, Competition, Outdoor Workshop!

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Wham Bam Spin Spam

Spinning is something that is often not covered in parkour, even though it is a pretty universal movement. Spinning is a great way to open your spacial and aerial awareness whether it’s used in a precision, underbar, or coming off of a ledge. It also carries over into the rest of our training, being useful in practices like freerunning (which we offer classes for, youth and adult) where spinning is a central movement in most flips, and leads into this week’s theme of “Bail not Fail.” Knowing how to bail comes from that spacial awarenessknowing where you are in the area you are moving in and how to adapt your body to the space safely. Come to the gym this week to learn how to bail!

Coming Up…

Parkour Competition!

DSC_0737While parkour is usually a non-competitive discipline, we recognize that competition is a way to increase togetherness in the community. Therefore, this coming Labor Day weekend (September 3-4) Parkour Horizons will be hosting our very own parkour competition! The competition will feature obstacle course routes, time trials, freestyle matches, prizes, and more! Come on out if you’re interested or ask someone at the front desk for details! Following the competition, we will be holding a parkour jam—training, food, music, and more included! More details to come. See you there!

Prairie Oaks Outdoor Workshop

unnamed-4What are you doing Saturday, August 27th? Coach Joe will leading a MovNat workshop beginning at 10 a.m. at Prairie Oaks Metro Park in Hilliard, Ohio! This class will feature running, jumping, crawling, lifting, throwing, and movement based games. The event is free and is open to participants 12 years of age and older. Check out the event page for details!

Let’s Party!

Image 3-4-16 at 12.40 PMIf you’re looking for somewhere to have a great birthday party, Horizons is the place! Our birthday parties are partially instructed and partially open gym time for fun and self-directed play. $125 for up to 10 for 90 minutes. 60 minutes of training and 30 minutes for cake and presents, etc. $10 for each kid up to 20. $50 for each additional half hour of training. $60 for cake, decorations, and birthday kid t-shirt.

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